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The Hometown of Chinese Stone Carving

Chinese stone carving enjoys a long history and was famous for its outstanding achievements all over the world as early as in Han and Tang dynasties. The craftsmen made full use of the different colors of the stone materials and sculpted them into various masterpieces through adroit skills. The most famous construction is the Mogao Grotto, Yungang Grotto, Longmen Grotto, and Maijishan Grotto. In the meantime, you also can find that a lot of perfect stone sculpture and carving stone are displayed in royal palace and garden. Obviously, long long ago, Chinese people have been know how to make stone carving as ornaments. They have rich experience to produce all kinds of stone carving products to decorate the home and garden.

Quyang has long been named "The Hometown of Carving" in China. Early from the Han Dynasty, Quyang stone carving has been become the most import decorations garden stone and ornaments carving stone for Chinese royal court. There are a lot of skilled stone carving craftsmen in Quyang, they studied and interchanged sculpting skill each other, in the meantime, they also teach their son or other young person how to make stone carving. Finally, then the sculpting skill was kept and developed step by step and they inherited superb craftsmanship from their ancestors tracing back many generations.

Up to now, Quyang Stone Carving has been became the really "The Hometown of Carving" not only at home, but also at world. In Quyang, many professional stone carving manufacturers produce many Western ornaments carving stone to meet the demands of overseas market every year.

Their main product range is All kind of Western Style Carved Sculptures, Construction Carving, Fireplace Mantle and Garden Ornament, such as the greek style stone sculpture, stone fireplace mantles, stone fountain, marble statue, stone animal, stone lions statue, stone tiger statue, marble abstract statue, stone pillar, marble column, flower carved fireplace, statue carved fireplace, stone door surround, marble gazebo, stone baluster, marble gate, stone gazebo, marble handrail, stone table and beach, marble statue, marble flower pot, stone vase and so on.

All of these stone carving and carved stone products are made by hand and made of natural marble, sandstone and granite. Most stone materials they used is original in China, In the meantime, they also import high grade stone material from overseas to produce high grade stone carving products. Such as Egypt Cream Marble and Yellow marble and so on.

In the meantime, all of their craftsmen are come from the generational family for hand carving. They are not only skilled but also got rich experienced on western style stone carving products for work on it over decades. Different craftsmen specialize in different kinds stone caring products. For example, any craftsmen have good carved skill on the production of all kind of stone fireplace mantle, they can produce the marble fireplace to the best. But they can not sculpt the stone sculpture, marble statue because they have not relative experience and carving skill. So the stone carving products have been sorted and produced by professional craftsmen who is belong to their own stone carving production range.

Anyway, Quyang has been the headstream and largest base of China stone carving products. As a professional stone carving manufacturer, Perfect Art & Craft Co., LTD is also located in the central area in Quyang, China. We can supply all kinds of hand-carved stone products, such as stone fireplace mantel, garden statue, bust, water fountain, gazebo, baluster, table & bench, animal statue, flower pot & vase and so on. We sincerely hope to establish a long term business relations with the worldwide user, retailer, distributor, wholesaler and importer of stone carving.

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